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Why FlightQ
  • Great question, even better answer
Whether you're travelling for pleasure or on a business trip FlightQ brings you the status of your flight.
Imagine; you're on the way to the airport, your overriding thought is "is my flight on time". Using FlightQ will keep you informed on the status of your flight or multiple flights, both departures and arrivals.
Using your smartphone you can track the status of your flight using NaveX Q-SMS, simply use your smartphone browser:
  • go to www.flightq.com
  • choose "SmartQ" or "SMS Direct"
  • enter your flight number and mobile telephone number
  • make a small charge using PayPal
  • job done
The current status of your flight will be displays on your smartphone. to get additional updates simply click "Update". Only one single charge for multiple updates.
SMS Direct
The current status of your flight is sent using SMS text messaging. Updates will continue until your flight has departed.
FlightQ account
If you are a frequent traveller you can use FlightQ in account mode giving you the benefit of instant access. How this works:
  • create a free account, this gives you 10 free flight credits
  • login to your new account
  • enter your flight number(s)
  • view the current status of your flight(s)
  • receive updates at the click of a button
Business accounts available
The only time you need to worry:
  • the time now is 10:05
  • your flight is scheduled to depart at 10:27
  • your in a taxi en route to the airport
Call us for a complete overview of the services we can provide: 0844 414 22 17
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