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The directors of NaveX Systems Limited have been in the Aerospace and Computing industry for over 30 years and in our experience that greatest service is our ability to give "peace of mind". This peace of mind we call NaveX 24 TOTAL SUPPORT. We consider our support, not as an option but a given right to all our existing clients and clients we have yet to meet.

We are firm believers that support is not just fixing a problem, but providing the very best advice to all our existing clients and to the clients of the future.
Our clients currently enjoy 24 hour support for all systems relating to the service they enjoy which are provided by us. Whether the issue is hardware, software or internet related we will provide a solution within 24 hours of the fault being reported.

In many cases we will endeavour to fix issues even when the responsibilty is not ours - NaveX 24 TOTAL SUPPORT.
Flightboards, Kiosk and Digital Signage
All our flight information display boards, kiosks and digital signage systems are monitored every minute of the day, 365 days a year. On the very rare occasions when an issue develops, our systems have built in monitoring modules which alert our support staff day or night.

Outside of normal business hours a member of our support team is always on call, 365 days a year. He or she will contact the client as soon as an issue has been reported, normally with a fix already in place.

At the same time alerts are sent to one of the company directors who monitors response times to all reported issues - NaveX 24 TOTAL SUPPORT
NaveX 24 TOTAL SUPPORT is a given right, not an optional extra.
Call us for a complete overview of the services we can provide: 0844 414 22 17
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