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  • Flight boards
Our custom Flight Displays provide our customers with up to date live flight information. These displays can be provided as large wall mounted public screens or for personal staff usage in normal desktop format. We can supply the Flight Information for any of the UK and European airports. Please contact us to discuss requirements for world wide airport installations.
  • FlightQ
FlightQ enables the user to track flights from one easy to use interface. It can also be used for one off requests or through your own personal or company account. FlightQ is designed to run on mobile devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry's and Androids.
  • FlightX
FlightX is our bespoke software solution for organisations that require information presented in a non-standard format, with emphasis on their own operational facilities.
  • Touch Screen Kiosks
As a reseller of a professional range of Interactive Kiosks, we are able to supply directly at competitive rates, or we can supply complete turnkey information solutions including flight information for any industry. All kiosk systems operate from a Content Management System CMS. Whether your requirements is for a Touch Screen Monitor, Kiosk, Tablet, iPad or Digital Signage, we are flexible in our approach and can tailor our system to meet your needs.
  • Digital Signage
There are many different levels of services available using our Managed digital signage systems. You can produce your signage in house or we can create it for you. Whatever your requirements we have the resources to satisfy your needs.
Whether you have flight boards, kiosks or digital signage, NaveX 24 TOTAL SUPPORT monitors all our systems. All our systems are controlled remotely by our own technical staff who are on call 24 hours a day, along with on site attendance for any issues we can not resolve remotely. Hardware supplied by NaveX is replaced if any failures occur within 24 hours or less.
Call us for a complete overview of the services we can provide: 0844 414 22 17
Contact us for flight information boards and touch screen kiosks
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